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The National Electric Code is a series of standards for all kinds of electrical situations that occur in our daily lives. The standards developed by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) have no regulatory effect until adopted by Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) such as a state, county or city authority. The benefits of a standard allow:

  • Equipment manufacturers to efficiently make products that are safe and standard throughout the nation
  • Training of electricians and engineers that can apply their profession in any state,
  •  Allow AHJ’s to develop regulations and codes without testing every code article themselves,
  • Allow testing laboratories to test the safety of electrical products among others

Proposed changes to the NEC are submitted by anyone as long as the change meets certain criteria and the submitter can substantiate the reason for the change. These changes are collated and then assigned to the appropriate Code Making Panel (CMP) based on which sections of the code are to change. RV’s and RV parks have sections in Articles 551 and 552 of the NEC. The panels meet in January of the year after the current edition is published (We met in January 2018). At that time each proposal is considered and discussed and panels can accept, reject, or combine it with other proposals and these make the 1 st draft of the next code. This first draft is then placed out for public comment, which will happen this summer. These comments are considered in a meeting this fall and sent to a board for final approval and publication in 2020.

 ~The Wizard of Watts

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