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Reverse Polarity Detectors and Your RV

Where can you find reverse polarity?

  • Could be on the park side of the pedestal
  • The RV side of the pedestal, and in some cases
  • Neighboring RV’s (if connected to the same loop feed circuit or distribution panel)

Because of this danger, the new 2020 code will require that new RVs be built with reverse polarity detectors. These will detect the reversal of hot and neutral wires to limit or prevent shock hazards.

RV Parks should take action now to ensure the pedestals and boxes in their parks do not have hot and neutral wires crossed.

simple detector will allow you to quickly check for reverse polarity. This is best accomplished before your season starts so you can limit the reverse polarity search to the site equipment. 

You can do this by:

  1. Checking if the RV site equipment is correctly wired.
  2. If so, a detection of reverse polarity must then be coming from an RV in the park. 
  3. RV Park operators can quickly narrow the reverse polarity search to see if it was caused by an RV or others on the same circuit. 

        (*if they have taken action to check their sites)

~The Wizard of Watts 

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