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Ring-less & Ring Style Meter Sockets

There are two ways to secure meters in a meter socket, ring and ring-less. The differences between these meter socket styles are:

  • How the meter is secured to the socket 
  • Ease of use 
  • Preference

Geographical location is a good indicator of the type of meter socket used for the Utility’s meter.  Many utilities have an approved list of meter socket products that are used when installing the Utility’s meter. However, in a sub-metering application, you will not be using the Utility’s meter.
With the ring style you plug the meter in and install a sealing ring around the meter and secure it with a padlock seal. With the ring-less style, just plug the meter into the socket and close a door (with a cut out for the meter) over the meter and lock into place with hasps and a padlock seal. The ease of use is undeniable. Just think no more fight with meter rings. They are also more tamper resistant than your typical screw type or snap lock meter ring. 
Finally, some folks just prefer the ring style. Reasons include:

  • They are used to and comfortable with them
  • They feel the ring would deter someone trying to tamper with the meter,
  • They have a number of ring style meter sockets and just want to be consistent with the style of their park

My preference is the ring-less as I do feel they are more secure. I also don’t want the paper (metal) cuts that seem to find my fingers.

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