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Endless Opportunities

It’s that time of the year again- FALL TRADE SHOW SEASON! Attending trade shows offers many unique opportunities to: 

  • Find Out About New Trends & Products 
  • Have One-on-One Discussions with Vendors
  • Buy Products at Show Special Prices
  • Gain Industry Knowledge

 Our industry is constantly changing, who knew in the past year Reverse Polarity Detectors  would be the latest technology to provide safe power to your customers? Or that electrical products with GFCI breakers would be so popular. What will be the next big thing? Our money is on Ringless Pedestals because aren’t we all sick of dealing with those meter rings? I enjoy talking with customers at trade shows. It’s interesting finding out how they’re looking to improve their campgrounds and improve THEIR customer’s experience. By getting to speak to vendors at the show you can get your answers then and there but also explore other new solutions as you go. Which brings me to most of our customers favorite thing about going, SHOW SPECIAL PRICING. These shows offer great opportunities for customers to get special end of the year discounts. In our case, many of our customers like to place large orders and then we hold on to them over the winter till their campgrounds re-opening in spring. You get the savings with none of the storage hassle. Not all vendors will do this for their customers but it’s definitely worth asking about. Finally, as a vendor and industry leader I like going to trade shows so I can participate in panels and seminars. Education is huge and also necessary if you want to stay on top. Also, as mentioned above the industry is always changing but by participating you can be a part of those changes. Whatever your reason for attend trade shows there is no real down side. Especially when you can make yourself a contribution member of the industry and/or your state’s association . BE A PART OF THE PROCESS. 
~The Wizard of Watts

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