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Whether your expanding, upgrading or building a new park you should have an electrical layout done. When looking around for an electrical layout service be sure you know what you are getting before you buy your pedestals, panels, etc. There is nothing worse than having to delay a job because the electrical layout you thought you were getting only included part of the whole picture.
Make sure your layout has the follow when your done:

  1. Load calculations and voltage drop calculations per NEC guidelines. (Image 1)
  2. A recommended circuit layout on your site plan. (Image 2)
  3. Drawings and/or specifications for materials such as (Image 3):
    Pedestals, Meters Distribution, Panels, Utility Metering, Wire, Lighting
  4. Some localities may additionally require ‘stamped’ documents. Ask your local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).
    USG will quote all of the materials needed as part of our service. Remember, the NEC load calculations are a minimum. I recommend a little overbuild to future proof your park.

You might ask, if I’m upgrading or expanding why would I need to have a new layout. It’s wise to check on code changes and make those changes before digging rather than having to dig everything up again a few years down the road. I like to say, the most expensive thing you will buy is the hole you dig. Many new RVs are smaller, but also more electrified. 58% of all new RVs are 50 amp.

  1. Plan for Tomorrow Today
    Many RV Parks were built when nearly all RVs were 30 amp. As I mentioned 58% of all RVs are 50 amp.
  2. Many Campers Feel Reliable Electricity Is A Must.
    Pay Attention to Voltage Drops.
    If your customer plugs in and their rig shows a low voltage, the fun of the vacation is gone. Many inverters in RVs will not turn on in the case of low voltage. RV Parks have large wiring distances. And, 120/240-volt power doesn’t travel well.
    The true purpose of an electrical layout is to “Take electrical power off the table”. This will let you concentrate on customer happiness.

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