As the camping season approaches there is a lot of buzz about Electric Vehicles (EVs) and the ability of campgrounds to provide adequate charging services. EVs are relatively new to the automobile world and they are still a bit of a novelty to the RV & Campground industry. Allowing EVs to charge on your property… Continue reading ELECTRIC VEHICLE(EV) CHARGING


How to Handle the Bumps in the Road Our industry relies on a sometimes fragile supply chain. I know I’m preaching to the choir but how many of us have had that unfortunate conversation with a customer about their order being delayed?  Many times, the manufacturer couldn’t procure the component of a product thus unable to… Continue reading SUPPLY CHAIN ISSUES


Part 2 Another safety issue is reverse polarity.  Reverse polarity is the switching of the hot and neutral wires in a circuit.  Reverse polarity is prevented in personal and home electrical devices by one of the blades on 15 and 20 amp plugs being wider than the other blade.  When a wire is crossed in… Continue reading NEC 2020 CODE CHANGES


A Major Topic of the 2020 National Electric Code Update The triannual update to the National Electric Code (NEC) is nearly complete and is due for publishing later this year for states and other Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to adopt and implement at the beginning of 2020. In my state of Washington, the new editions… Continue reading GFCI PROTECTION


New Safety Direction Spring Maintenance and upgrade is right around the corner and so are many of your campground improvement plans I imagine. Ensuring your campground is correctly wired is very important. New RV’s will point out reverse polarity. Electrical inspectors are gearing up to pay closer attention to electrical GFCI protection.  Last June we… Continue reading WIRE & GROUND FAULT LOCATORS


Endless Opportunities It's that time of the year again- FALL TRADE SHOW SEASON! Attending trade shows offers many unique opportunities to:  Find Out About New Trends & Products Have One-on-One Discussions with VendorsBuy Products at Show Special PricesGain Industry Knowledge  Our industry is constantly changing, who knew in the past year Reverse Polarity Detectors  would be the latest technology… Continue reading FALL TRADE SHOWS


Get Ahead of the Coming Increase  The continually rising price of wire and electrical products, primarily made of steel and aluminum, is showing up in immediate price increases for pedestals and other electrical equipment. I have seen notices cross my desk for the past 3 weeks that implement these price increases in the next few weeks.We… Continue reading TARIFFS