Endless Opportunities It's that time of the year again- FALL TRADE SHOW SEASON! Attending trade shows offers many unique opportunities to:  Find Out About New Trends & Products Have One-on-One Discussions with VendorsBuy Products at Show Special PricesGain Industry Knowledge  Our industry is constantly changing, who knew in the past year Reverse Polarity Detectors  would be the latest technology… Continue reading FALL TRADE SHOWS


Get Ahead of the Coming Increase  The continually rising price of wire and electrical products, primarily made of steel and aluminum, is showing up in immediate price increases for pedestals and other electrical equipment. I have seen notices cross my desk for the past 3 weeks that implement these price increases in the next few weeks.We… Continue reading TARIFFS


 How they will affect you in 2020? During the 2017 code cycle, changes in a general section of the code concerning ground fault protection were implemented. However, these changes were interpreted by many AHJ’s as applying to special occupancies such as Farm Buildings, RV’s and RV Parks. These changes would require ground fault protection on 30… Continue reading NEC ARTICLE CHANGES


Reverse Polarity Detectors and Your RV Where can you find reverse polarity? Could be on the park side of the pedestalThe RV side of the pedestal, and in some casesNeighboring RV’s (if connected to the same loop feed circuit or distribution panel) Because of this danger, the new 2020 code will require that new RVs… Continue reading TAKE ACTION NOW, SAVE LATER